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06 Май 2024 г.

Април 2024

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Каним всички вас, малки и големи пътешественици, да станете част от нас като споделите интересни места, на които сте били, места, които са успели да грабнат сърцата ви, да превземат мечтите ви или са ви впечатлили с нещо простичко.

Сигурни сме, че има какво да разкажете и, че ще бъдете полезни за мисията на този сайт – да се популяризират съкровищата на България и да ги опознаят повече хора.

Ако проявявате интерес вижте правилата за писане на статии, а ние ще се радваме пред вашето име да стои думата "автор".

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Дунавска равнина

Winetasting Tours in Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian wine tours offer а once in a lifetime opportunity to taste the famous wines of the most renowned wine producers in the country. You’ll be among the first to taste the most recent vintages still in the barrel, and also sample fine older vintages. It is the best way to learn more about Bulgarian prestigious estates with expert guidance.

- The GRAND wine tour around Bulgaria (14 days following the traces of the wine.) In these 14 days we will cross the whole country to reach all different wine regions. There is a detailed introduction of local variety of grape and wine making. We will meet wine technologists and barrel makers, vine-growers and visit private wine cellars. Together with the wine we will have a chance to taste traditional Bulgarian dishes, the famous local drink “rakia” and Bulgarian white cheese & yoghurt. This tour is a great opportunity not only to taste the wines but also to feel the spirit of the country.

-The Struma valley region (three day trip to the town of Melnik & the famous wine cellar of “Damianitsa”). Located near the border with Greece this area has been famous for wines since ancient times, especially the exported Melnishko vino. The wine was kept in the Melnik cellars, a network of tunnels carved into the ground with a constant temperature of between 10 and 12 C (50-53 F) throughout the year. The Wine was transported abroad in huge caravans and carried in goatskin wine bags. Now from this area we have some of the most attractive wines in Bulgaria
like“ReddarK”, “No man’s land”&”Unikato”. In this tour we will visit the biggest monastery in Bulgaria located in Rila mountain. Only three days to go into the secrets of the wine producing and the old tradition!

- The Thracian valley region (five day trip across the wineries of the Rhodope mountains). The favorite God of the Thracians was Dionysus, perhaps because the celebration allowed the people to eat, drink and be merry in his honour. His cult spread throughout Ancient Thrace and many archaeological treasures survive attesting to the cult’s widespread appeal. Monuments were erected depicting vines, bunches of grapes, vintage scenes and various aspects of the winemaking process. This wine tour will show us a great variety of soil types and the favorable climatic conditions for the best grapes & some of the best red wines in Bulgaria. Thracian valley region is famous with the most fine vintage wine produced from the grape “Mavrud”. This tour includes the towns of Plovdiv, Assenovgrad, Ivailovgrad (very close to the border with Turkey), the wine-village of Brestovitca and many other unexpected stops in the natural resources of Southern Bulgaria & the mountains of Orpheus.

- The Valley of the Roses (four day tour in the central part of the Sub Balkan region).
This tour is a great opportunity to visit the town of the roses and to taste Misket wine. Let’s go together to the wine cellar in Oriahovitsa where are the biggest old Bulgarian barrels (over 100 years). There we can taste the prestigious “Old red from Oriahovitsa” and learn more about the local varieties of grape. On the south is located the “Blue ridges” town of Sliven. There is built the most modern factory in the Balkan peninsula. “Domaine Boyar”- Estates. The towns of Stara Zagora, Yambol, and the old capital of Veliko Turnovo are part of this wine challenge.

- The Danube plane region (Five day tour along the Danube river & Northern Bulgaria).This region is well known for the best quality white wines. Near to Vidin in the Magura cave is created the one and only natural Bulgarian sparkling wine - “Magura BRUT”. The lands of the Northwest are the kingdom of “Gamza” another local grape variety. The towns of Vidin, Pleven, Rousse & Veliko Turnovo are only a few of the stops on the way to the Wine knowledge.